Environment, Health And Safety

Sterile India has great importance to respecting the environment. In order to reduce impact on the surroundings, emissions are minimized and comply with the latest regulations.

We strictly maintain the US Environmental Protection Agency's principles of Green Chemistry to perform & fulfill in-house guidelines as follows:

  • Prevention of waste
  • Use of Less Hazardous Chemical Synthesis process
  • Reducing the use of solvents or use of safer solvents and auxiliaries
  • Designing Safer products/chemicals
  • Energy efficient Techniques
  • To reduce chemical derivatives
  • Use renewable feedstocks
  • Use Catalysis instead of stoichiometric substance
  • Real time analysis for prevention of pollution
  • Design biodegradation
  • Recovery of ingredients
  • Safety and Minimization of accidents

We care about the world we live in.

Our Certification